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MicroLearning in Medicine and Health

MicroLearning 8.0 – 8th International Conference

June 17th, 2016 | Graz | Styria, Austria


Mobile learning and the effective integration of MicroLearning in medical education: Join in the workshop format – and benefit from your active participation based on moderated presentations!

Look here for a current paper on the topic.

Past Speakers

Qualitative Survey: German Doctors Favor MicroLearning

CHECKpoint eLearning reports about German doctors learning about the latest therapy standard in fighting against hepatitis C with the help of mobile learning apps.


Digital MicroLearning in the Classroom: The Next Trend?

Digital MicroLearning has arrived in further education: in unversities and high schools, and first studies proof the high acceptance of the new method by students. But what about MicroLearning in school classrooms?


New Empirical Survey proofs High Acceptance of MicroLearning

Danube University Krems pioneering with MicroLearning

A success story and a new empirical survey on MicroLearning from Austria: In 2014, the Danube University Krems (DUK) management selected KnowledgeFox® to improve students’ preparation before face-to-face-seminars.


New Study Program “Mobile and Work Integrated MicroLearning”

New Study Program “Mobile and Work Integrated MicroLearning”

The new study program “Mobile and Work Integrated MicroLearning” at Danube University Krems (Austria), which will start its course on 9th of December 2014, aims to professionalize its participants for this new educational challenge. Graduates will be able to develop, implement and supervise technology based learning environments in organisations and turn them into sustainable learning organisations.