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About MicroLearning

... MicroLearning is a new form of technology enhanced learning. But learning by repetition has a tradition going back to antiquity. The principle of learning in small steps is well applied when one learns a language or a musical instrument. With small, repeated and increasing steps we all succeed.

MicroLearning with the KnowledgePulse®

MicroLearning is the didactical method - KnowledgePulse® is the technological solution.

These two items are working together perfectly. Small steps of learning content are provided by a server-based smart client system. Thus you can receive your contents on time wherever you have access to your laptop, your workstation or your mobile device. By learning and repeating step by step the content learned will be secured in your long term memory. Thus, learning is easy, unobtrusive and sustained.

MicroLearning with KnowledgePulse® has by now become a successful solution to the learning needs in many sectors and industries, ranging from learning for certifications to the targeted education and training of employees in commercial companies, and compliance in the public service.

2010 we introduced new mobile MicroLearning. 4 years after the first prototype we now offer compatibility to a wide range of operating systems. In 2011 the solutions are commercially rolled out.

We learned a lot from our national and international customers and partners such as „Quality Austria", PTC/era,, the Austrian Ministry of Finance and the Federal Chancellery of Austria and many more. They all and many other lead-users let us learn how we can realize our vision of using ICT to make things easier through MicroLearning for everyone:

  • Easy Learning
  • Easy Content Authoring
  • Easy Administration